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At MyRepublic, our mission is to build a next generation Telco.  We believe that there is much more that can be done to allow everyday people and businesses unleash the full-potential of the Internet into their homes & small businesses.

We want to achieve our mission while striving for the highest standard of integrity and fair dealing in our sales and marketing activities.


About MyRepublic, Who We Are

Who we are is driven by our three passions.

We are passionate users of the NZ Government’s Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) Network, which allows us to deliver a superior customer experience on what will become one of the best networks in the world.

We are passionate about the explosion of Internet-enabled devices and online, cloud services, which allows us to deliver endless possibilities for consumers looking for more choice in the home beyond traditional Internet, voice and TV offerings.

We are passionate about our network of dealers and distributors, which sell our products and services.  Our intention here is simple – to turn the traditional operator model on its head by opening-up the telecom value-chain, in this thriving market.


The Purpose of this Code of Practice

The purpose of this Code is to ensure best practice when we work with our customers.


Advertising and Promotions

We advertise and promote our services in a range of ways including by radio advertising, Website promotions, and storefronts.  In all cases, our employees and representatives must act responsibly and comply with this Code of Practice, as well as any other relevant laws and regulations including the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

We always aim to ensure that our advertising and promotional literature is clear, unambiguous, accurate and fair and that it does not contain any false or misleading information about price, value or service.

We do not denigrate other providers of telecommunications or broadband Internet services.


How We Make Contact with Customers

Customers might join MyRepublic over the telephone, through the Internet or by signing up either at a dealer storefront or after meeting someone from our door-to-door team.  Or a customer might join MyRepublic after speaking to one of our distributor channel partners.

Whatever the case, it’s important to MyRepublic to take a responsible approach and keep to the following principles when we contact new customers:

  1. Our representatives will show discretion when they visit your home or business premises, particularly after dark. We do not visit homes before 9am or after 9pm, unless you ask us to.
  2. We will not call you before 8am or after 9pm, unless you ask us to.
  3. If one of our representatives visits your home or business, they must wear an identity badge that clearly displays the name of MyRepublic and, if applicable, a unique identification number for that representative.
  4. On contacting you by phone, our representatives will immediately identify themselves, giving their name, and say that they are calling on behalf of MyRepublic. They will also explain that MyRepublic is a telecommunication services provider, why they are calling and the expected call length.
  5. Our representatives will be courteous, use appropriate language and offer clear and straightforward explanations. They will use only the material that we have approved to explain the service to you.
  6. Our representatives will never misrepresent the services of MyRepublic or any other company and will always provide factual and accurate information.
  7. Our representatives will cease contact if you indicate that the contact is inconvenient, unwelcome, inappropriate or too long. If you request it, the representative will end the discussion immediately and, if visiting your home, leave the premises immediately.
  8. Our representatives will never abuse the trust of vulnerable customers e.g. those who are elderly or whose first language is not English, or who have special needs. Our representatives will never pursue a sales conversation if they have reason to believe that the customer is vulnerable.


Recruitment and Training of Sales Staff

All our sales staff and representatives are trained to ensure they have sufficient understanding of the industry, the law, the business and our company processes such that any relevant advice given by them is not misleading.

We give our people the right training to make sure you’re sold the right product and you know exactly what you’re buying.

We also require our sales staff and representatives to go through a continuous training programme to update their knowledge as and when necessary.


How you sign-up for MyRepublic Service

However you join us, we have a process in place to ensure that you understand your service and commitment.

  • You will be explained the service to enable you to understand the service you have chosen and how it works.
  • You will be asked to acknowledge your intention to enter into a contract that has a minimum commitment period.
  • You will receive a confirmation of your order, by email.
  • As part of the onboarding process  you will by email be informed of your date of activation and receive a welcome pack, including a summary of our terms and conditions.  All this will be sent by email.  A copy of our full terms and conditions is available on our website at
  • If you signed up through our door-to-door team, you will have the right to cancel at any time during a 5-day cooling off period.  In the event of cancellation during the cooling-off period, your agreement is treated as if it had not been made.


Consumer Protection

We comply with all applicable consumer-protection laws and other legal requirements including the Fair Trading Act and Consumer Guarantees Act.


Customer Complaints

We are committed to providing the best communications service in the industry.  We give our people the right training to make sure you’re satisfied.  But however hard we try, sometimes things still go wrong.  If they do, we want to know as quickly as possible so that we can put them right.  Email us at [email protected].