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With MyRepublic Partner Program

Lucas builds his own success

As our valued Partner, you decide how far you go. Build your own business or simply add to your income. Ultimately, you're the one in charge.

Be empowered. Become a partner.


With MyRepublic Partner Program

Anthony enjoys the ease of doing business

As our valued Partner, it's easy to get started. Get paid to sell and support a service that people love. And it costs nothing to join.

Start earning. Become a partner.


With MyRepublic Partner Program

Leia shapes the future of fibre broadband

As our valued Partner, you get to be part of the movement to revolutionise the New Zealand broadband landscape. Join us and make a difference.

Take the lead. Become a partner.


Partners Wanted

You can change the future of New Zealand fibre broadband.

Join the team. Become a partner.

What is MyRepublic Partner Program?

An Innovative Sales Opportunity

that empowers you to promote and sell MyRepublic fibre broadband services, with compensation on a commission basis. In other words, you become a Partner of MyRepublic.

The Partner Program is also...

An opportunity to Build Your Own Business

Our flexible Program fits any lifestyle: You decide how much to commit as a Partner. Whether you looking to launch your own enterprise or an easy means of supplementing your income - it's up to you.

A groundbreaking way to Transform An Industry

Industry giants spend millions and millions on advertising each year to attract new subscribers. Why not channel that spending back to the community? As a Partner, this marketing spend goes to you.

A free and easy Rewarding Experience

Share in the success of New Zealand's bold new fibre broadband service provider, earning attractive rewards without needing to invest a cent. Our great products also help make recommendations easy.

Interested? Register for an training session to get started.

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How can MyRepublic Partner Program benefit me?

Why Join the Partner Program?


With our Partner Program you can Define Your Own Career

Adapt the Program to your lifestyle and career aspirations. With no fixed targets to meet, every Partner decides how much they benefit from our flexible compensation plan. Earn as much as you want - it's up to you!

Be a leader in the Telco market Changing Our Telco Landscape

Be part of the innovative sales program that aims to provide everyone next generation internet technology. Together, we can transform society by empowering homes and businesses with ultra-fast fibre broadband.

Support your local community Raise Funds For Your Community Organisation

Our program allows community organisations to sell our fibre broadband and receive compensation on a commission basis. This creates a unique and flexible way to raise funds.

Success is easier than ever No Entry Fees, Just Awesome Support

Not only is it free and easy to join, our Partner Mentors will help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Get all the support you need to maximise your income and enjoy a rewarding career.

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What can I look forward to in MyRepublic Partner Program?

What's My Career Path?


Play to your strength Pick Your Preferred Path

The partner program, provides the opportunity for career growth. You can focus in just sales or advance through the management career path.

Our management career path offers 6 different ranks that you can progress through.

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What are some of the details of MyRepublic Partner Program?

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: What is MyRepublic Partner Program?

A: It is a unique and innovative sales program developed to leverage the untapped entrepreneurship in our community. This will help us to grow our company and shape the future of fibre broadband in New Zealand.

Q: Is this a partĀ­-time or fullĀ­-time business opportunity?

A: That is entirely up to you. You can work as little or as much as you'd like to suit your individual needs. There is a small minimum annual sales quota in order to remain active in the program. This is set low enough to accommodate those that wish to participate on a part-time basis.

Q: Are there any special skills, personality or experience requirements?

A: No special skills, personality or experience are needed. Generally our partners are outgoing, personable and can approach people to talk about fibre broadband and our services.

Q: Who might be interested in building a personal business based on selling MyRepublic fibre broadband?

A: Our partners come from all walks of life; with different backgrounds, education, and income levels. There are no real requirements to join. This program will suit people with an interest in generating additional income and a willingness to offer MyRepublic products in an informed and professional manner. We see our Partner Program as empowering a new class of entrepreneurs, unlocking the untapped expertise and passion within the market.

Q: Do you provide any special training or support tools?

A: Yes, we have developed a casual, yet comprehensive training program that will ensure you obtain all of the technical, product and sales knowledge you require to be successful. Once you are active in the program, there will be recurring support conference calls and all program materials will be available to you online. In addition, our Partner Program corporate leadership team is always available to assist and support you at any time.

Enrolment Questions

Q: I'd like to become a MyRepublic Partner - how do I enroll in the program?

A: Partners will first register to attend or view one of our Official Training sessions to learn how the program works and ensure that the opportunity is right for them. We have both onsite and online trainings available. Anyone can sign up for the program through the 'Join Now' section of our web portal.

Q: If I decide to join the program, is there any type of formal agreement or contract I need to complete?

A: Yes, all new Partners or 'Consultants' as they're called, are required to complete and sign a Consultant Agreement form in order to formalise their enrolment. This allows us to ensure that all new Consultants have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions of our program.

Q: Is there any kind of cost or fee to enroll?

A: No, we do not charge an enrolment fee and there is no cost or investment required to become a Partner.

Compensation Questions

Q: Is this a full commission program?

A: Yes it is, and our compensation plan is very unique and lucrative; you will have the opportunity to earn as little or as much as you'd like depending on your desire and your commitment.

Q: Is your compensation plan similar to other direct sales organisations

A: Yes, our plan is based on similar sales programs, however we've incorporated the best elements from many different programs and customised them to ensure that they are beneficial for our Partners at every career level.

Career Path Questions

Q: Is there a career path, would I have the chance for promotion to higher positions or levels?

A: Absolutely. Our current career paths allows you to advance through seven progressively more senior levels. How far you go and how quickly you get there is entirely up to you.

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How Do I Become a Partner?

Start by learning more Register For Official Training

Interested to represent MyRepublic and offer our services in an informed and professional manner? That's about all you need to become a Partner.

To join us, your first step is to register for one of our regularly scheduled Official Training sessions where we'll explain all the details of the Partner Program. We'll also answer any questions you have in person.

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Any questions or concerns? Try The FAQ Or Contact Us

For your convenience, our FAQ page holds the answers to many common questions on the Partner Program.

Can't find the answers you're looking for? Please contact us via the link below. We'll be in touch with you shortly.

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