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Thank you for taking the time to read up on MyRepublic’s legal policies. These rules help us maintain the best service and experience for all.


General Terms & Conditions

These cover everything we do.  They apply to each and all of our residential and business services.  They cover general areas including who is eligible to receive our services and payment.  Specific terms and conditions set out below impose additional rules to specific services and in specific circumstances.


Residential Fibre Broadband
Specific Terms & Conditions

These cover availability of our fibre broadband service to consumers as well as the involvement of the local fibre company in getting the service activated.  Customers should take note that they are required to take good care of network equipment, as well as the application of the terms and conditions imposed by the local fibre company.

Offer Summaries

These cover each promotional offer that MyRepublic run, including one time charges and promotional terms.


Business Fibre Broadband
Specific Terms & Conditions

These cover our Business fibre broadband service, highlighting both the involvement of the local fibre company in activating the service, as well as the possibility for civils construction as part of the installation process which may involve the removal of copper lines from the premises.


Residential Voice
Specific Terms & Conditions

These terms cover our home voice product.  They include the fact that the voice service can only be run to homes which use our fibre broadband service, and that plans and prices are subject  to change.  These terms are remind customers that power is required to run the service, and that they are responsible for their own networks and security.


Business Voice
Specific Terms & Conditions

These terms are similar to those covering our residential voice service, with some additional terms to cover the enterprise context.  Terms cover that plans and prices are subject to change.  Also, it addresses the need for power to run the service, and that businesses are responsible for their own networks and security.


Business Service Level Guarantee
Specific Terms & Conditions

Our Business 200 and Plus services include a service level commitment, to pay compensation in the event of downtime.


Privacy Policy

This describes how we use the personal information you provide to us, in strict compliance with applicable law.


Acceptable Use Policy

As a telecommunication service provider,  we are subject to regulatory requirements which protect the community at large.  This Acceptable Use Policy defines behaviours by customers which are considered abusive and therefore are prohibited.  It also sets out the legal obligations of MyRepublic as a licensed Internet Service Provider.


Website Terms of Use

Our Website aggregates content from MyRepublic and third parties.  Our Website terms of use clarify the rules around intellectual property as well as your overall use of the site content.


Sales & Marketing Code of Practice

Our mission is to achieve the highest standard of integrity and fair dealing in our sales and marketing activities.  The purpose of this Code is to ensure best practice when we work with our customers.


Illegal File Sharing is a Bad Idea

In 2011, the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act came into effect. This law is by no means unique, with many countries having implemented similar rules.

This law allows owners of copyrighted material to enforce their rights against people in New Zealand who use file sharing applications to illegally download copyrighted material. You need to understand the law and what it means to you.

Annual Compliance Report

Section 122T Copyright Act 1994 Annual Compliance Report

In accordance with section 122T(4) of the Copyright Act, MyRepublic Limited reports that it has fully complied with its obligations under section 122T of the Act during the period from 1 October 2014 to 30 September 2015. In accordance with the Act and regulations made under the Act MyRepublic Limited has:

Received 0 notices of alleged infringements from rights owners
Issued 0 infringement notices to account holders
Received 0 challenges to infringement notices issued to account holders
Recorded 0 infringement notices have been cancelled or expired
Recorded 0 orders suspending an account holder’s account