Fibre Broadband Experts

We’re purpose-built to deliver the full
potential of Ultra-fast Fibre Broadband

We’re New Zealand’s first fibre broadband only Internet Service Provider (ISP). Our plans are truly unlimited and we’re ready to unleash the potential of our fibre broadband network from Whangarei up north to Invercargill down in south. We believe in delivering an awesome internet experience for all kiwis at mass market prices. All this with no lag, no limits and no holding back.

Beyond ultra-fast internet access, MyRepublic’s Pure, Gamer and Business fibre broadband plans provide a customised, enhanced level of service that goes far beyond what is possible on older technologies such as ADSL, VDSL or Cable.

MyRepublic started in Singapore in 2011, where we shifted the ISP landscape dramatically and now we plan to do the same here. We’re committed to delivering the benefits of the UFB for all kiwis.

Always Fibre Ready

We believe that fibre broadband is the future and that future is here and now. 100Mbps is only the beginning of what the network can offer and we’re excited to bring you the awesome innovations it’s making possible.

Always Unlimited Data

With the amazing potential of fibre broadband, data caps are a thing of the past. Built and managed properly, a fibre broadband network has more than enough bandwidth for everyday use without compromising performance.

1Gbps Will Happen

In 2014, MyRepublic became the first internet provider to launch 1Gbps (1000Mbps) at a mass market price in South Asia. Now we’re in New Zealand to usher in same level of world-class performance, starting with Dunedin.

Consistent upgrades prevent congestion on our local network

Network congestion causes slow speeds as everyone competes with limited bandwidth. To ensure this doesn’t happen, MyRepublic engineers constantly monitor and manage our local network, upgrading its capacity as our customer base grows over time. As a result, MyRepublic local network capacity is consistently more than what our customer base requires.